Saving the Lettuce

20150626_080220Lettuce does not like heat. So with these hot temps coming, we took action and delivered twelve cases of lettuce (also bok choy, kale and zucchini) to the Thurston County Food Bank to make sure it didn’t get wasted. We did this in two trips and when we arrived the second time, a staffer told us we had some of the most beautiful produce and that what we brought the first time disappeared quickly. That feels good! We’ll still have our beautiful lettuce at the stand as long as it holds.

It must be summer!

First the solstice, and now, definitively, the zucchini, reminds us that summer is ON! Easiest, and maybe tastiest prep of all is on the grill – such an easy option all week long! We’ve got zucchini at the Farm Stand, along with raspberries and other greens, to pick up and compliment 20150619_081323an easy mid-week supper.  Wednesday, 5-7pm.

Here come the beets! Sat 9-Noon!

In addition to greens, we’ve got zucchini, raspberries, and deep red and candy-striped beets! Saturday, 9am to noon! We love pairing roasted beets with goat cheese in a salad! I’m also wary of a lot of bells and whistles in my food. The simpler the better, in my opinion, to let the goodness of th20150619_094004e produce shine through. And who wants to be burdened by candied walnuts? That said, this week’s recipe is from, of all places, Ms. Betty Crocker.