Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA Shares SOLD OUT for 2021!

We are again grateful for the community support for local agriculture that sustains our urban farm. Thank you ❤

From returning CSA Members-

“In addition to the cost, quantity, quality and diversity- the value of having a local farmer growing our food all summer is unparalleled.”

“Especially this year, the CSA was not only a great addition to our weekly menu but it kept us out of traditional (possibly less safe) grocery stores.”

18 Weeks of Veggies, Herbs, Berries & Fruit
On-farm pick-up 6 blocks NE of Ralph’s, approximately June through October.

Large share– designed to feed 3-4 people. $535/$29.75 per week
Medium share – designed to feed 2-3 people. $475/$26.54 per week
Small share – designed to feed 1-2 people. $415/$23.05 per week

Here’s a sampling of what you will find by season in your box:


IMG_20180528_185654_149Butterhead lettuce           Rhubarb
Red leaf lettuce                Snow peas
Bok Choy & Kale              Napa cabbage
Radishes & Beets             Strawberries
Salad turnips                    Basil & Cilantro
Swiss chard                      Spinach

From our members – Loved the notes                                                  each week, education messages, and recipes.”


Yellow zucchini         Carrots
Green beans             Broccoli
Swiss chard               Cherry tomatoes
Basil                          Cucumbers
Bunching onions      Red cabbage
Fennel                      Raspberries
Cauliflower               Eggplant

From our members – “Never had such delicious green beans before. “

Late Summer

Leeks & Cabbage              Carrots & Kale
Slicing tomatoes               Sweet corn
Delicata squash                 Basil & Parsley
Sweet & hot peppers        Purple potatoes
Asian Pears                        Pie pumpkin
Celery                                 Onions

From our members – “Clearly you are a wonderful  tomato farmer. I gave a few to my Mom who said she had not had such delicious tomatoes since childhood.”

5 thoughts on “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

  1. How much is your full share/partial share CSA? Can I get a gift certificate for a share this Christmas for 2021? Do you deliver, or do we pick up? If we pick up, where?


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