Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Reviews from our 2017 CSA subscribers –

“This was by far the best CSA we’ve had.”

“I LOVE Urban Futures Farm!!! Fresh, delicious vegetables every week . . . local, organic, sustainable. What’s not to love?! “

“The quality of the produce was phenomenal. Really, some of the best tasting veggies I’ve had.”

18 Weeks of Veggies, Fruit & Flowers
On-farm pick-up 6 blocks NE of Ralph’s, approximately June through October.

Large Share       (feeds 3-4) $27.50/week = $495
Medium Share  (feeds 2-3) $23.61/week = $425
Small Share       (feeds 1-2)  $19.44/week = $350

Here’s a sampling of what you will find by season in your box:


Butterhead lettuce           Rhubarb20150626_094112
Red leaf lettuce                 Snow peas
Bok Choy & Kale               Napa cabbage
Radishes                             Raspberries
Salad turnips                     Basil & Cilantro
Swiss chard                        Beets

From our subscribers – “Berries and pears and flowers always brought a smile at our house.”


20150820_083822Yellow zucchini        Carrots
Green beans              Broccoli
Swiss chard               Cherry tomatoes
Basil                            Flower bouquet
Bunching onions      Red cabbage
Fennel                        Cucumbers

From our subscribers – “Given our experience we were very impressed with how well you managed to keep track of such a variety of vegetables.”

Late Summer

Leeks & Cabbage               Carrots & Kale20160629_092155
Slicing tomatoes                Sweet corn
Delicata squash                 Basil & Parsley
Sweet & hot peppers        Purple potatoes
Asian Pears                        Flower bouquet
Celery                                  Parsnips

From our subscribers – “Clearly you are a wonderful  tomato farmer. I gave a few to my mom who said she had not had such delicious tomatoes since childhood.”



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