Plant Starts – Grow Yer Own!

Plant Sale Closed – see you next year!

20180406_105201Every single plant on the farm starts here as a seed. In March and April, our greenhouses fill up with thousands of baby plants. Most are destined to be planted on the farm, but for a limited time each year, we offer vigorous vegetable and herb plants to home gardeners. A decade of learning and experience goes into growing our plants, and we are proud to pass along that quality to our customers:

  • Healthy plants grown in minerally-balanced, organic soil.
  • Plant stress is minimized as their only travel is from our farm to your garden.
  • Non GMO seed and unique varieties selected for superior taste and dependable production in our region.

Whether you are a new or experienced gardener, starting your garden with healthy, vigorous plants gives you a great head-start to a bountiful harvest.