Plant Starts – Grow Yer Own!

Spring is here, and there’s no better time to start a garden! We can help!

Plant starts sales begin Saturday, April 4, 2020, from 12pm-2pm, and Sunday, April 5, from 9am-2pm.

In order to ensure social distancing and the safety of both customers and our farm crew, we will not be able to allow customers to access the starts tunnel to pick out their own plants.  Instead, once you arrive you will fill out a plant request form, and we will retrieve the plants for you.  The crops, varieties, sizes and prices are listed below, and do not include 9.2% sales tax – CASH OR CHECK ONLY. Please bring your own boxes or bags to transport plants, as we will have a limited supply.   In addition to what is available now we will have hot and sweet peppers in a few weeks, and cucumbers, zucchini, winter squash and summer squash later in the month.

20180406_105201Every single plant on the farm starts here as a seed. In March and April, our greenhouses fill up with thousands of baby plants. Most are destined to be planted on the farm, but for a limited time each year, we offer vigorous vegetable and herb plants to home gardeners. A decade of learning and experience goes into growing our plants, and we are proud to pass along that quality to our customers:

  • Healthy plants grown in minerally-balanced, organic soil.
  • Plant stress is minimized as their only travel is from our farm to your garden.
  • Non GMO seed and unique varieties selected for superior taste and dependable production in our region

Whether you are a new or experienced gardener, starting your garden with healthy, vigorous plants gives you a great head-start to a bountiful harvest.

Plants available in 2020

Crop Variety Size Price
Arrugula Astro 6 pack $4
Basil Aroma 6 pack $4
Broccoli Belstar 6 pack $4
Broccoli Emerald Jewel 6 pack $4
Cabbage Red Jewel 6 pack $4
Cauliflower Clarify 6 pack $4
Cilantro Cruiser 6 pack $4
Collards Cascade Glaze 6 pack $4
Kale Lacinato 6 pack $4
Kale Red Russian 6 pack $4
Kale Red Ursa 6 pack $4
Lettuce Buttercrunch 6 pack $4
Lettuce Encore Mix 6 pack $4
Lettuce Flashy Trout Back 6 pack $4
Lettuce Salad Bowl 6 pack $4
Mustard Greens Green Wave 6 pack $4
Napa Cabbage China Gold 6 pack $4
Pac Choi Black Summer 6 pack $4
Spinach Sioux 6 pack $4
Strawberries Bare Root each $2
Swiss Chard Bright Lights 6 pack $4
Tomatoes Amish Paste Gallon $7
Tomatoes Big Beef Gallon $7
Tomatoes Black Cherry 4″ pot $4
Tomatoes Estiva Gallon $7
Tomatoes Indigo Cherry Gallon $7
Tomatoes Nevsky Gallon $7
Tomatoes New Girl Gallon $7
Tomatoes Peacevine 4″ pot $4
Tomatoes Prudens Pride Gallon $7
Tomatoes San Marzano Gallon $7
Tomatoes Speckled Roman Gallon $7
Tomatoes Speckled Roman 4″ pot $4
Tomatoes Sungold 4″ pot $4
Tomatoes Sungold Gallon $7
Tomatoes Supersweet 100 Gallon $7