Plant Starts Sale Begins Saturday

Stop by the Farm for plant starts: Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-2pm. Cash or check only. Shop early for best selection. Plant list below.

Farm Tip of the Week: Due to the unseasonably cold spring, plants like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers should wait to be planted out. We will offer heat loving crops when it’s the right time to plant.

Plant list for April 15 & 16
Pac Choi (Bok Choi), Choko – $4 /6 pack
Arugula – $4 /6 pack
Napa Cabbage, Wa Wa Tsai – $4 / 6pack
Spinach, Lizard – $4 / 6pack
Basil, Aroma – $4 / 6pack
Cabbage, Ruby King – $4 / 6pack
Cabbage, Kilagreg – $4 / 6pack
Swiss Chard, Bright Lights – $4 / 6pack
Kale, Red Russian – $4 / 6pack
Lettuce, Flashy Trout Back – $4 / 6pack
Lettuce, Green Forest Romaine – $4 / 6pack
Lettuce, Adriana Butterhead – $4 / 6pack
Broccoli, Emerald Jewel – $4 / 6pack


3 thoughts on “Plant Starts Sale Begins Saturday

  1. are you having the cherry tomatoes at the plant sale yet? Or still too cold?

    I would like x2 red and x2 yellow and if any – roma tomato plants — 2 of those please.

    Thank you Sandy Clegg c360-870-7260 ________________________________


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