The continued cold weather has delayed the plant sale by about two weeks, but come mid-April our baby plants will be ready to go out into the wild world! Next week we’ll have the first plant list out on our plant start page, which will be updated each week as stock turns over. From April 14 until further notice, stop by the Farm Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-2pm. Our supplies are limited, so early bird gets the best selection. Cash or check only please.

Over the winter we discovered crock pot chicken with our Riverbird Farm birds, and wow, is it a game changer! Season your (thawed) chicken, set it in the crock pot (we set it on some canning rings to elevate), turn it to low and walk away for 5-6 hours. So tender and juicy! We get two meals plus stock bones from each bird. While some might argue a certain infamous $4.99 rotisserie chix is cheaper and faster, our response is “at what cost?” Buying local pastured meat creates a smaller carbon footprint, is kinder to the animals and healthier for you. So check out our friends at Riverbird Farm! We are the Eastside pickup location for their CSA, and our members can sign up to pick up a chicken whenever they are picking up their veggie box – one stop shopping for delicious local food!

Speaking of pastured poultry, our laying flock is in full spring egg production mode! $7 a dozen. Text the Farmer at 360.338.8654 for pickup.


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