Happy National CSA Week!

Q: What’s a CSA you ask?

A: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you buy a CSA you are actually investing in a share of a farm. Usually a flat fee is paid to a farm at the beginning of the season while the customer receives farm fresh products at agreed upon intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc). This arrangement provides financial security for the farmers and allows the consumer to share in both the bounty and risks throughout the harvest season. If you have the ways and means to buy a CSA, that money goes directly to the farm. They are able to invest more in their farm business while continuing to grow more food for our communities.

While Urban Futures Farm operates on a CSA model, we are sold out for the season. We are fortunate however, to have a lot of farmers in our community happy to provide you with fresh, healthy food! Learn more through the Community Farm Land Trust and their 2023 CSA guide.

Sample of a CSA box. Most come in different sizes, some come with add-ons like meat, eggs or dairy.

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