CSA – Week 16

Check out these sweet little pumpkins! The perfect size, not for carving but eating! If you only associate pumpkins with pie (or latte) you are in for a delicious surprise! Savory pumpkin recipes range from stews to curries, offering a world of flavor. A recent favorite (shout out again to Six Seasons and our customer who recommended it!), is Pumpkin Bolognese, which is a fresh take on a beloved classic.

With both potatoes and leeks in your box, you’ve got the foundation for a great soup! We prefer the rustic version over the pureed, which is a fall favorite. And with Labor Day upon/ behind us, school starting and a crispness in the air, soup is starting to sound good.


3 thoughts on “CSA – Week 16

  1. The link for the pumpkin bolognese only brings me back to the wordpress week 16 page….no recipe. Would love to get it, if you can please post it!
    I googled it but couldn’t find it….


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