CSA – Week 2

Last year’s box – don’t worry, kale’s on its way!

This week brings new box additions of radishes and chard, with romaine lettuce. Only a few years ago I learned about the french connection of sliced radishes, butter and a little flakey salt on a baguette (or forget the bread and dip your radish in soft butter with a dash of salt). I remain intrigued, and can’t wait to try this recipe I found of butter braised radishes with sorrel! Here’s a roasted preparation that includes both radishes, turnips and their greens. As for the chard, if you’re looking for something hardy, try this one-pot meal that brings chard, lentil and kielbasa together with onions, tomatoes and smoked paprika (the recipe gives the option of regular paprika, but trust me – it’s not optional!)

With salads such a mainstay this time of year, here’s a wilted salad with ginger sesame dressing to try with your Tatsoi. As for the romaine – you know what to do: Caesar salad anyone? Enjoy! Got good recipes? Add them to the comments below!


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