Put the lime in the coconut~

20190310_105725_resizedWell, actually, we’re putting the lime (stone) into our soil to adjust the ph for happy, healthy plants, just like the doctor ordered 🙂 Great soil is really our secret to delicious vegetables – you are what you eat, right? All the way down the line!

If you are interested in 18 weeks of delicious veggies and beautiful flower bouquets, check out our CSA, and let us be your farmer.


Happy National CSA Day!

If you have been thinking about signing up for a 2019 CSA from Urban Futures Farm, today is a great day to do it! We only have a handful of shares left and we would love to share our harvest with you!



Those of you in Oly know that we’ve had near 18″ of snow since Friday, which is NUTS! We’ve now passed through all the stages of wonder, nostalgia, muscle memory (Colorado shoveling!), and now disbelief as we keep clearing snow off the high tunnel (AND the driveway AND the deck) only to gave it pile up again just as quickly. The only member of our winter crew still experiencing joy and awe is Loki, who seems to be built for snow. So instead of cold, wet gear and sore muscles, the image I’ll leave you is of a farm dog in pure bliss. Stay safe and warm out there!

2019 CSA shares still available – reserve yours now!

IMG_20180204_144124_resizedSpring greens, summer tomatoes and pumpkins for fall means our work starts now! This weekend we’re starting seeds in the greenhouse, pruning fruit trees and pulling overwintered weeds!

Why not let us be your farmer? We’re right in the neighborhood! Sign up now for 18 weeks of veggies, fruit and flowers direct from our farm to your table. Learn more or sign up HERE.

With so much uncertainty in the world, isn’t it comforting to know where your food comes from?

2019 CSA Subscription Now Open

Move. Nourish. Refresh. Connect.

4 simple words to live well, as proposed by a recent article in the New York Times.


At Urban Futures Farm, we take nourishment to heart – whether it’s nurturing our soil for healthy, vigorous plants, or choosing the most delicious varieties of produce for ourselves and our customers.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to commit to nourish yourself and your family while helping your farmer prepare for the coming season. Plan ahead by booking 18 weeks of delicious, nutritious produce, fruit and flowers. Food for the body, food for the soul!

You’ll find more information and an order form on our website. And Happy New Year!

Fast Food

rIMG_20180524_122925The best thing about summer is the relative ease by which a satisfying meal can be thrown together, with minimal prep or cooking. One of our favorite simple dishes is what I call deconstructed pesto, which includes most of the ingredients of pesto, but not in a paste form.  This can only happen in summer, when basil is fresh and plentiful.

I’ve no proportions so you’ll have to forgive my intuitiveness, and go along with your own!  Warm up a good glug of olive oil, and add chopped garlic to your temperament. The point here is not to cook or sizzle the garlic, but infuse the oil. You can add hot pepper flakes if you like.  Keep it low and warm, while you cook your pasta, and chop up a handful or two of fresh basil.

When the pasta is done (long or chunky, your choice), drain, toss with the oil, basil and shredded parmesan to your liking. Serve with a salad (naturally!). Makes great leftovers if you can manage to save some!

Help! I have too much ——-!!!

If you are so lucky, there comes a point in the farming season, where you are overrun with one type of produce, or many!

Recently it was snap peas that needed to go into the freezer. So I turned on the oven and got to work. Wait. The OVEN?!?

You bet! We’ve found that a blast of heat – 475 for 5 minutes – does the same job as blanching, and the results are so much better!

Traditionally, vegetables destined for the freezer are blanched (dropped for a minute or two in boiling water) transferred to an ice bath and then the freezer. This is to kill bacteria on the outside that could lead to spoilage. Only thing is, the veggies are so waterlogged by the process that they have no snap left once you dig them out of the freezer to eat them. Yuck.

The oven blasted veggies, by comparison are still crisp when thawed. And it works for most any vegetable!

Prep your veggies, toss with a little olive oil, spread one layer thick on your cookie sheets, and bake at 475 for 5 minutes. Let cool to room temp, throw them in freezer bags (marked so you don’t grab peas when you wanted beans!), and put them in your freezer.  It really is that simple!