CSA Week 9

Tomatoes are in the house! While we love all summer vegetables equally, there is an undeniable star quality to farm tomatoes. The taste is just magical and unlike anything available in the grocery store. The quick reason why is that store tomatoes are selected to be shipped, and farm tomatoes are selected to be eaten. If you have some time when you pick up your box, the Farmer can wax on and on about it – just ask 🙂

And because they are so good, minimal prep is required: juicy slices on a bagel with cream cheese is one of our seasonal joys. Fat slices on a platter drizzled with olive oil and vinegar, sprinkled with salt and pepper is the perfect side to any meal. Cherry tomatoes paired either with cucumber or steamed green beans, some onion slices and vinaigrette are an easy salad.

Tonight we are enjoying the feta tomato pasta made famous on TikTok – yum! How are you using your tomatoes? Drop us a line and we’ll share!


4 thoughts on “CSA Week 9

  1. Hi Stephanie! Do you have veggies to sell to non-subscribers, especially (right now) tomatoes? Thanks! – Kristin

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