CSA – Week 9

Thanks to those who noticed we missed week 8 ❤ This is a busy time of year between weeding, harvesting and other home projects. Last week we sanded the old, peeling deck down to bare wood and are beginning the slow process of bringing it back to life. Hard work with great reward.

But back to eating! The heat dome effect still continues in crop management, and TJ’s hustle to provide you boxes means that share sizes are receiving different produce on a rotation schedule. So today’s message is about fried rice. It’s easy, delicious and highly adaptable to things you have on hand. (Already make fried rice? Then up your game with some Bibimbap!) For years we’ve eaten stir fry, but have only recently come around to fried rice. Its humble origins are based on leftovers, using day old rice such as strata or bread pudding is to wheat. If you don’t have day old rice around, make some in the morning, so you get that nice dry texture that takes on flavors and gets a little brown in the pan. Its nice to have a wok to cook it in, but we don’t, and I transfer cooked items (don’t forget greens, yummy in this too) into a big bowl on the side for mixing. There’s lots of internet recipies, but we keep coming back to this one, with soy, oyster sauce, sesame oil and butter. Butter? Yup! And sometimes, if it looks dry, I’ll add another little knob to moisten it up. I’ve also been known to add a splash of fish sauce because, (hello!) umami. But you do you, and enjoy.


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