Organic: It Ain’t What You Think

Recent years have seen a progressive weakening of the standards regulating what it means for food to be certified as “organic.” The corporations that now control the USDA certification process have so weakened the definition of organic that today “organic” bears little resemblance to what was intended when Congress passed the Organic Production Act (OPA) in 1990.  Despite the fact that the OPA required that organically certified produce be grown using soil improving practices, last week a judge ruled against a group of true organic farmers, bizarrely and erroneously stating that food doesn’t even have to be grown in soil to be certified as organic. This is another good reminder to be skeptical of the “organic” produce you see on the store shelves, and to build relationships with local farmers you can trust to grow your food sustainably and truly organically, in fertile, healthy, biologically diverse soil. To learn more about the lawsuit check out the email below:


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