Summer Squash – 3 Ways

Is there nothing more economical in the garden than zucchini? To the point of the seasonal reminder to lock your windows and doors, lest your neighbors try to foist their bounty on you!

Too much food is not a bad problem to have, so here are a few maybe less-travelled zucchini ideas to help you through the season deliciously.

The simplest recipe comes from one of our customers, who loves the veg so much she actually bought plants from us to augment her weekly share! Simple and delicious: use your vegetable peeler to slice your zucchini into long thin ribbons. Toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Voila!

The second recipe is a curried squash soup that is great for an appetizer or light repast with salad and bread. Doesn’t look to be a particularly hot summer ahead, but if it were, this soup also works nicely at room temp.

The final dish was discovered on Queer Eye ❤ and is a delicious casserole side to your BBQ or hearty vegetarian main dish.

If none of these appeal, use your search bar! Boundless possibilities await!  And if nothing else, dehydrate shredded zucchini for a soup addition/thickener come winter.


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