Spring is Coming

First of all, we hope you are well ❤  Pandemic is an event none of us have experience with, and as it unfolds, seemingly minute by minute, the news triggers a new set of scenarios, worries and concerns. And yet, it’s still almost spring. A time of rebirth and renewal, faith and courage in the natural world. Spring is also a time of hope for farmers, as we plant the seeds that will yield the harvest that will feed us in the summer and beyond. Our personal journey as farmers began as a response to climate change – something we both encountered in our studies in the 80’s when it was still called global warming. We found that taking a small step to self-sufficiency, growing our own food, helped us feel a sense of control in an increasingly uncertain world. Even if we still sourced the bulk of our purchases at our local grocery store, those cherry tomatoes in a pot on the deck just made us feel better.

While it’s still too early to plant a garden – it snowed yesterday – please know that we’ve got thousands of baby plants in the greenhouse and propagation room, waiting to go home with our neighbors and friends. We realize we also have several decades of knowledge to share as well, and are planning a spring gardening workshop to kick off our plant sale in April. In the meantime, we have a question for YOU.  What types of plant starts are you interested in growing?  Leafy greens? Broccoli? Tomatoes and Peppers? Basil and other herbs? Something else? We look forward to being a resource in your own gardening journey.



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