Fast Food

rIMG_20180524_122925The best thing about summer is the relative ease by which a satisfying meal can be thrown together, with minimal prep or cooking. One of our favorite simple dishes is what I call deconstructed pesto, which includes most of the ingredients of pesto, but not in a paste form.  This can only happen in summer, when basil is fresh and plentiful.

I’ve no proportions so you’ll have to forgive my intuitiveness, and go along with your own!  Warm up a good glug of olive oil, and add chopped garlic to your temperament. The point here is not to cook or sizzle the garlic, but infuse the oil. You can add hot pepper flakes if you like.  Keep it low and warm, while you cook your pasta, and chop up a handful or two of fresh basil.

When the pasta is done (long or chunky, your choice), drain, toss with the oil, basil and shredded parmesan to your liking. Serve with a salad (naturally!). Makes great leftovers if you can manage to save some!


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