CSA – Week 9

Thanks to those who noticed we missed week 8 ❀ This is a busy time of year between weeding, harvesting and other home projects. Last week we sanded the old, peeling deck down to bare wood and are beginning the slow process of bringing it back to life. Hard work with great reward.

But back to eating! The heat dome effect still continues in crop management, and TJ’s hustle to provide you boxes means that share sizes are receiving different produce on a rotation schedule. So today’s message is about fried rice. It’s easy, delicious and highly adaptable to things you have on hand. (Already make fried rice? Then up your game with some Bibimbap!) For years we’ve eaten stir fry, but have only recently come around to fried rice. Its humble origins are based on leftovers, using day old rice such as strata or bread pudding is to wheat. If you don’t have day old rice around, make some in the morning, so you get that nice dry texture that takes on flavors and gets a little brown in the pan. Its nice to have a wok to cook it in, but we don’t, and I transfer cooked items (don’t forget greens, yummy in this too) into a big bowl on the side for mixing. There’s lots of internet recipies, but we keep coming back to this one, with soy, oyster sauce, sesame oil and butter. Butter? Yup! And sometimes, if it looks dry, I’ll add another little knob to moisten it up. I’ve also been known to add a splash of fish sauce because, (hello!) umami. But you do you, and enjoy.

Got Basil?

We’ve got lots! 200 square feet to be exact! Our bounty can be your freezer stash of pesto for the winter, or a big summer pasta party. $20 a pound. Text or call 360.338.8654 to arrange pickup.

CSA – Week 7

Warm weather crops are happy these days – go figure! Basil is particularly abundant, and I don’t think we’ve shared our favorite summer pasta recipe, so easy and delicious! Chop up a bunch of garlic and warm in olive oil in a large pan over low heat – add red pepper if you like. The idea here is really to infuse the oil, don’t let the garlic brown. Get your pasta going – make sure your water is salted like the sea. We like spaghetti, but feel free to experiment. When done, reserve maybe a half cup of your pasta water (magic that stuff is), drain your pasta and add to the oil. Shower with chopped basil and grated parmesan and toss. Add the reserved water to the mix by spoonfuls to the consistency you like. Have a side salad ready and dig in. Fast food in all its summer goodness.

You’ll find salsa bags in your box this week, with tomatillos and peppers, add lime, cilantro and onion for a yummy salsa verde.

And because of the continuing consequences of our recent heat wave, you will be getting broccoli and romanesco earlier than we would like, meaning you might have more than you can manage. Last week we shared the really quick oven roasting method for freezing vegetables, but forgot to seal the deal with the discovery we made this winter. Earlier, we had been defrosting the veggies before cooking with them. This winter we realized if we threw the FROZEN veggies on a tray in a 450 oven with nothing added (they already have olive oil from the freezing process), they became lovely roasted veggies in 5-10 minutes (keep an eye out!) with a consistency as if we had chopped them fresh beforehand. REVELATION!


CSA – Week 6

Baby, it’s HOT outside. No joke! So we’re firing up the grill and thinking about chilled foods and salads. Chilled curried zucchini soup is nice served with grilled flatbread, or try the fresh, dressed zucchini also in the link. Once it’s cooled down, big zucchini are perfect for stuffing. Because of the heat and rapid crop maturation, boxes might be packed with more vegetables than you can eat in a week such as this beautiful cauliflower. If you decide to freeze some for the future, roasting instead of blanching is our preferred method, once the stove seems bearable again. Stay cool, friends!

CSA – Week 5

Got Greens? What a blessing! If you’ve snuck them into burritos, rice, eggs, soup and smoothies and you still have more, try the Giant Green Pie! It moves 2.5lbs of mixed greens in a most delicious way! It suggests a weekend project, but if you’re comfortable with pie crust, it’s a cinch – and the dough with salt, water, flour and oil rolls out beautifully. My only critique is with the eggs – the four are definitely needed to bind the greens and cheeses, but the extra five eggs on top might be overkill, just saying. This week marks the first kale and zucchini in your box. For the former, try this by now infamous massaged kale (if you’ve not already), and this week we’re also trying this roasted zucchini pasta – yum!

CSA – Week 4

Sweet peas have arrived! This is the best time of year for one of our pint-sized customers, who asks about peas on every farm visit! Of course they are amazing fresh, sweet and crunchy all by themselves. If you can hold back from munching them all on your way home, the internet offers a bunch of options to try them sauteed. From the plain and simple to those with mint, lemon, seasame or garlic and parmesan – pick your flavor profile!

Radishes remain the in the box for a few more weeks. If you’ve been tossing out your tops, try quick pickling or fermenting, along with your turnip greens. They are a nice savory condiment to liven up any meal! Tip to tail eating for vegetables! Have a great week – enjoy!

CSA – Week 3

China Gold Napa Cabbage is new to your box this week! While it’s the main ingredient for making your own kimchee, we’ve also found it our go-to for slaw. We love it tossed with canola oil, lime juice, cilantro, shredded or sliced radishes and turnips and a pinch of chili powder and salt as a great summer side. You can also try it with peanut oil, sesame oil and mirin – wherever your menu and your tastebuds take you! Garlic scapes also hit the box this week – they are the flower and stem part of the garlic plant, trimmed to keep the energy in the development of the bulb/cloves. Chop up and add to a stir fry, or pair with the basil in your box for a garlicky pesto. Flashy Troutback is the lettuce of the week! While we’re not big on kitchen gadgets, we highly recommend a lettuce spinner for washing and drying your lettuce once you get your box home. Keeping the lettuce in the spinner in your fridge keeps it both moist and dry – an antidote to wilting. Also, it’s much more likely to get used if it’s prepped and ready to go! We’ve picked up spinners at the big thrift stores (if you are so inclined), and have found them useful for gently washing and drying herbs and berries as well.

CSA – Week 2

Last year’s box – don’t worry, kale’s on its way!

This week brings new box additions of radishes and chard, with romaine lettuce. Only a few years ago I learned about the french connection of sliced radishes, butter and a little flakey salt on a baguette (or forget the bread and dip your radish in soft butter with a dash of salt). I remain intrigued, and can’t wait to try this recipe I found of butter braised radishes with sorrel! Here’s a roasted preparation that includes both radishes, turnips and their greens. As for the chard, if you’re looking for something hardy, try this one-pot meal that brings chard, lentil and kielbasa together with onions, tomatoes and smoked paprika (the recipe gives the option of regular paprika, but trust me – it’s not optional!)

With salads such a mainstay this time of year, here’s a wilted salad with ginger sesame dressing to try with your Tatsoi. As for the romaine – you know what to do: Caesar salad anyone? Enjoy! Got good recipes? Add them to the comments below!