CSA – Week 3

China Gold Napa Cabbage is new to your box this week! While it’s the main ingredient for making your own kimchee, we’ve also found it our go-to for slaw. We love it tossed with canola oil, lime juice, cilantro, shredded or sliced radishes and turnips and a pinch of chili powder and salt as a great summer side. You can also try it with peanut oil, sesame oil and mirin – wherever your menu and your tastebuds take you! Garlic scapes also hit the box this week – they are the flower and stem part of the garlic plant, trimmed to keep the energy in the development of the bulb/cloves. Chop up and add to a stir fry, or pair with the basil in your box for a garlicky pesto. Flashy Troutback is the lettuce of the week! While we’re not big on kitchen gadgets, we highly recommend a lettuce spinner for washing and drying your lettuce once you get your box home. Keeping the lettuce in the spinner in your fridge keeps it both moist and dry – an antidote to wilting. Also, it’s much more likely to get used if it’s prepped and ready to go! We’ve picked up spinners at the big thrift stores (if you are so inclined), and have found them useful for gently washing and drying herbs and berries as well.

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