Farm Stand Wed. 5-7pm

20150901_071049How did you weather the storm? Seems like everyone lost branches and a couple folks we know lost entire trees. We lost a hoophouse and had our corn flattened but otherwise intact. These extreme weather conditions, both here and worldwide, are actually part of the reason for Urban Futures Farm. Climate change demands more diversity, agility, and decentralization of our food system. And we intend to be part of the answer.

Wednesday’s Farm Stand is again up at the garage, and we still have lots of beautiful tomatoes,  5 kinds of potatoes, delicious carrots, a new crop of Swiss Chard, and lots of other tasty treats for your table. We recently cooked up one of our favorite cold-weather combinations, Lentils, Chard and Sausage – so satisfying!

In addition, the hop harvest has begun.  If you are a home brewer and looking for hops for your next batch give us a call at 360-338-8654 to reserve yours today.



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